Westlake Pet Motel


   Your Pet's Home Away 
From Home Since 1976



Westlake Pet Motel has been serving the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas under the same ownership for over 40 years. We are committed to providing our community with safe, clean,  & loving pet care. We understand that each pet is a beloved member of a family and will do our best to make you and your pet comfortable with the boarding experience. We consider the pets that board here part of our extended family. Never hesitate to contact our friendly staff with any questions or concerns. 



Let Us Baby Your Baby!

 800 E. Carlisle Rd. Westlake Village, CA 91361

Call (805) 497-8669
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We Are Happy To Provide The Following

Amenities For You And Your Pet:


* Spacious individual indoor-outdoor runs for dogs and indoor condos for cats

* Indoor temperature control with an outdoor mist system

* Brushing & bathing services offered for dogs

* Care for rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and birds (please provide you own cage for these smaller pets)

* Clean pallets, sheepskin, mats, towels, blankets, and carpets provided for your pets to sleep on

* Toy box filled with a wide variety of toys

* All food prepared to your pet’s individual needs

* Special dietary and medication preferences accommodated at no extra charge (No hypodermic injections, please)

* Several local vets within a 5 mile radius.

    We Request The Following Of You And Your Pet Prior To Boarding:

* Proof of current inoculations required for dogs include:
Rabies Certificate
(listing the manufacturer & serial number of the vaccine)
 Puppies must be at least 16 wees of age, AND completely finished with all boosters for all vaccines in order to board.
* Proof of current inoculations for cats:
Feline Distemper Combo (FVRCP)
Rabies Certificate (listing the manufacturer & serial number of the vaccine)
Kittens must be at least 16 weeks of age AND finished with all boosters for vaccines in order to board. 

  *Name of current veterinarian
* An emergency contact number to reach the owner or other responsible person
 * If you would like to bring your pet’s blanket of a medium washable size, or 1-2 toys, please keep in mind that we are not responsible for lost or destroyed belongings
* A list of any health conditions or particular behaviors we should be aware of during your pet’s stay