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Boarding Requirements

  1. Do I need to make a reservation for my pet?

    Yes. Please provide us with plenty of notice of your boarding plans. This is crucial for our staff to be adequately prepared to care for your pets, and to ensure you get a space before we are left with no vacancies. This applies especially to Holiday & Summer time periods. Westlake Pet Motel does not charge a cancellation fee, so it is better to be safe and reserve early,  than be sorry and left on the waiting list! 

    In the event of last-minute plans or an emergency situation that requires your pet be boarded without notice, we will do our best to accommodate. Please be understanding if we are fully booked, or if we have not received current vaccination documentation, your pet would regretfully not be able to board with us. 

  2. My pet is indoor-only. Is it still necessary to have my pet vaccinated?

    Yes. In order to provide a healthy environment for all our guests, your pets must be vaccinated as follows: 

    CATS:  current FVRCP vaccine and RABIES CERTIFICATE

    DOGS: current DISTEMPER, PARVO, BORDETELLA and RABIES vaccines (must provide a copy of rabies certificate per L.A. County Animal Regulation requirements)

  3. I have a very young pet. At what age can he/she be boarded?

    DOGS: 16 weeks is generally the youngest a dog can legally board since this is the earliest a rabies vaccine can be given. However, it is important to be sure your pet has received the FINAL puppy booster for Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella vaccines. Always discuss with your vet the benefits and risks of boarding young pets and at what point their vaccines provide the most protection. 

    CATS: FIrst, be sure your cat has received the FINAL kitten booster of the FVRCP vaccine. Even after being fully vaccinated, young kittens are still more prone to contagions and at higher risk of getting ill while boarding. Therefore we strictly enforce a policy of boarding cats no younger than 16 weeks of age. Please discuss the benefits and risks with your veterinarian and make an informed decision about what age to begin boarding your kitten.

  4. Does my pet need to be Spayed/Neutered in order to board at Westlake Pet Motel?

    No. Since each pet stays in their own enclosure, and receives one-on-one attention from our staff rather than being released into a socialization yard, we are able to minimize the risk of any "unexpected surprises".  It is still important to inform our staff if your pet is intact in order for us to give proper care & accommodations. 

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Financial Questions

  1. What forms of payment are accepted?

    Westlake Pet Motel accepts Visa, MasterCard, Check, and Cash as forms of payment. 

    Please note, all credit/debit transactions will incur a 3% convenience fee.

  2. Do I need to put down a deposit or pay a cancellation fee if my plans change?

    Absolutely not! We understand that travel and pets are two very unpredictable worlds that collide in this type of business. We don't require a deposit or charge a cancellation fee,  because we know your plans are never "set in stone". We refuse to charge you for a service you were unable to enjoy. Book a reservation worry-free at Westlake Pet Motel! If plans change, we simply request that you  give us a call. This  keeps us informed and allows another pet to take advantage of the opening. 

  3. When do I pay for my pet's stay at Westlake Pet Motel?

    New clients will be asked to pay for boarding fees at check in. Return clients can pay at check out. Baths and Play Yard sessions are always paid at time of pick-up, even for new clients. 

  4. Am I charged per day, per night, or per 24-hour boarding period?

    The answer depends on which day/ time you pick your pet(s) up from Westlake Pet Motel:

    If you are picking your pet up on a weekday, you can pick up anytime 8am-5pm and you will only be charged for the number of nights your pet has spent at Westlake Pet Motel. The same applies to pets picked up on Saturday mornings (8-11am).

    Saturday afternoon (4-5pm) pick-ups and Sunday (3-4pm) pick-ups will be charged an additional night's stay.

    **Please check our calendar regarding holiday hours/pricing. Some weekdays may incur additional charges if they fall on a busy holiday.

  5. Is there a discount given for lengthier boarding visits?

    In the event you need to board your pet(s) for 30 days or longer, please speak to one of our office staff members about a 10% discount on boarding charges.

    For dogs, there is a discount for boarding 4-6 nights, and a deeper discount for dogs boarding 7 nights or more. Please refer to our "Rates & Services" page for detailed pricing information.  

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  1. What is the "in-house" food?

    DOGS: We serve Nutro-Max Natural Choice Lamb & Rice formula dog kibble, typically served moistened with warm water. We also offer an assortment of enticements including canned dog food, cottage cheese, chicken broth, parmesan cheese, etc. for the pickier pooches. 

    CATS: We offer an adult maintenance formula cat kibble, as well as canned cat food served side-by-side. 

  2. Can I bring my pet's food from home?

    Of course. We understand that there are many reasons to keep your pet on his/her regular diet. If you choose to bring food from home, please be sure it is packaged in a resealable plastic container. Be prepared to provide specific feeding instructions at each check-in. If you have an unmarked "scoop" that you use at home to portion out kibble, please measure the amount it holds so we accurately provide a stable diet for your pet. If anything needs to be refrigerated, inform our staff at check-in. 

  3. Can you accommodate a raw food diet?

    Due to potential health issues associated with serving raw meat, Westlake Pet Motel is unable to serve such diets at this facility. There are freeze-dried alternatives offered at many specialty pet stores that we are able to accept. Please speak to a staff member to confirm your pet's food can be served at our facility. **Always discuss diet changes with your veterinarian first.**

  4. Will my choice to bring food from home or use the "in-house" food affect the cost of boarding?

    No. We are happy to provide our in-house food at no cost to you. We're also just as pleased serve your pet the food you bring from home, as per your instructions.

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Health Concerns

  1. Can you administer my pet's medication(s) while he/she boards at your facility?

    Yes. We can administer oral and topical medications. We are happy to provide this service at no extra cost to you & your pet. Unfortunately we cannot offer care for pets in need of Subcutaneous injections or IV fluids. 

    When bringing medications for your pets, please be aware of the name of the drug, the dose (mg), administration instructions, and the reason your pet was prescribed the medication.

  2. Can a pet with a recent wound or surgical procedure board at Westlake Pet Motel?

    We tend to discourage boarding a pet with recent stitches or an open wound. It is impossible to guarantee that the wound will stay dry and infection-free in a kennel setting. It is preferred that a pet with such a wound board at a veterinary facility so the wound can be monitored closely by a veterinarian and can be treated immediately if needed. There are some cases in which we will allow a pet in this situation to board with Veterinary consent, and usually with prescribed antibiotics. Please contact our office and speak to a staff member to discuss boarding an injured or healing pet. 

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Facility Questions

  1. How large are the pet accommodations?

    DOGS: The dog runs are 100 sq. ft. total. This includes a temperature-controlled indoor portion with consant access to a shady, outdoor run. 

    CATS: Cat condos vary in size based on each pets personality and whether 2 cats from the same family prefer to board together or separately. 

  2. Are the pet accomodations temperature controlled?

    Yes. The cats stay indoor completely, with central heating & air conditioning.

    In the dog's kennel area, the building is very well insulated against extreme temperatures. However, we are able to relay the heating & air conditioning when needed. When temperatures are less extreme, we have ceiling fans indoors to circulate the air as well. When needed, we also have a water misting system along the outdoor portions of the dog runs to help cool the air. Generally, it is easy to keep the kennel area between 70-80 degrees.

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Play yard questions

  1. How long is a play yard session?

    Typically, play dates will last 10-30 minutes. The length of time in the play yard or on a walk varies on several factors. These can include pets' energy & interest level, health, weather, number of appointments each day, etc.

  2. How much does a play yard session cost?

    Each session is a $5 flat rate. If you have more than one dog and they are safe to interact together in the play yard, we will be happy to take both of them for the cost of one session.

  3. My pet does not "play well with others", can he/she still use the play yard?

    Yes! Since each play date is always a supervised session with one of our staff members and only your pet(s), you do not have to worry about the risks associated with crowded socialization yards.

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